Sporrans have historically been used for storage (they were first used by Highlanders to store oats), but they are much more than that. A fashionable sporran may be the feature of your wardrobe and is a simple way to spruce up any kilt, whether you're dressed up, casually formal, or completely relaxed.

The sporran you choose is usually based on a number of factors, such as your outfit, the event, and your own preferences. You should have a variety of sporrans on hand for every occasion. Our simple guide will help you locate your sporran and wear it correctly.

Full Dress Sporrans

The most formal variety of sporran is the full dress sporran (or dress sporran). They look great with a Prince Charlie costume and are ideal for formal events such as weddings. Fur fronts, a fur gusset, three to six decorative fur tassels with normal  or cross-chains,   and a metal cantle at the top  are all frequent features. Cantles are often fashioned of pewter or silver and contain Celtic knotwork motifs. There may also be the lion rampant, the thistle, the stag, or the saltire.

Full-dress sporrans are often fastened at the back with a stud on a little flap that connects the front and back of the sporran. Because they are the biggest form of sporran, they may hold a variety of objects.

Sporrans in Semi-Dress

Semi-formal sporrans are a less formal variation of full-formal sporrans. They are often worn with a Braemar costume to semi-formal events like graduations or as a wedding guest. These sporrans have a fur front as well, albeit not as high as those used for full-dress sporrans. A hair hide is often worn with a semi-dress sporran. A leather gusset, three ornamented fur tassels with normal or cross-chains, and a leather flap at the top complete the look. The flap is often decorated with Celtic or Scottish designs, and metal badges can be added to make the look even better.

Semi-formal sporrans are usually fastened with a stud beneath the flap. The stud on more expensive sporrans is hidden by an extra piece of leather or a metal emblem, so it can't be seen from the front.

Leather Sporrans for the Day

The most casual form of sporran is the day sporran (or leather sporran). They are ideal for achieving a more relaxed appearance, as the name indicates. Day sporrans are made completely of leather and have a similar style as semi-dress sporrans.

They have a leather flap, gusset, three or more leather tassels, and a leather front. Celtic or Scottish designs can be embossed on both the front and the flap, and plaited leather straps are often used to hold the tassels in place. Most day sporrans are held together by a stud under the flap. On more expensive sporrans, this stud is hidden from view. They may also be closed with a hook.