Before you choose a sporran for your kilt, you should first understand "What is a Sporran?" and why it was developed with a kilt. In any case, you must have a fundamental understanding of what you want to wear and why you are bringing it. You'll carry it better and more confidently if you understand the purpose of what you're carrying. Knowing a sporran and wearing it appropriately for the occasion is the key to picking the ideal sporran for you. So, let us have a 5-minute informative and educational look at sporrans. Sporran Types

Before choosing your favorite Sporran, let's first learn about the many 'types of sporrans' and their distinguishing qualities. As a result, it will be simpler for you to select what to do for yourself.

Full Dress Sporrans

These sporrans are the most formal of the Sporrans. Dress Sporran may have as little as three tassels and as many as five tassels. These sporrans are sometimes made in rich metal designs all over. They are ideal for formal events such as weddings. The silver pewter cantle and metal frame of the upper edge distinguish this full dress sporran.


Semi Dress Sporrans

They are designed for formal occasions such as evening dinners or wedding ceremonies, as the names indicate. The semi-dress pouch is often made out of a leather skin backing and gusset (the piece of cloth that connects the pouch's perimeters and bottom) with an animal skin sporran flap for closure.

The Leather Sporran is often made of fur and has three tassels hanging from it. However, these tassels are the most stylish these day.

Hunting Sporrans

Hunting sporrans were supposed to have been invented in the nineteenth century. They're oval in form, like dress sporrans. However, unlike a dress sporran, they lack a metal cantel (with the exception of the Piper's Dress Sporran). The substance and logic behind this design was that the sporran be worn without tassels to avoid noise. Keep in mind, though, that Hunting Sporran were established for a specific reason in the past. However, like other types of sporrans, they are worn for style at events throughout this contemporary era.

Baby Sporrans

A kilt isn't complete without a Baby Sporran, and that rule applies to both lovely tiny newborns and boys. After all, those little boys and babies deserve to stand out.

 Right?  Well, the Sporran you choose typically depends on a variety of factors: the fashion of outfit you may wear, the occasion you are attending, and your personal preferences. you’ll even have a variety of sporrans therefore you’re prepared for all the occasions.

How & Why to Wear a Sporran with a Kilt?

The Scottish Sporran comes with a leather strap or chain, worn around the waist so as to hang in front of the kilt. During a wedding reception or a dinner dance, or any other similar occasion where dancing takes place, you can slide it over your abdomen on your kilt just two or three inches below the belt buckle.

Why Only Sporrans? Why Not Normal Pouches?

Besides being convenient to wear, a sporran also serves as an addition to the beauty of the dress. Sporrans come in a variety of different styles, some are more ornate than others like sporrans with embroidery. But most of them have only one to three tassels of some sort, especially on semi-full of full-dress sporrans. Hence sporran serves as the essential part of the kilt to make it look masculine as well as more stylish.

Can I wear Kilt Without Sporran?

Wearing a kilt without a sporran is not a crime or legally offensive anywhere on the earth. However, if you’re a man and you wear a kilt without a sporran, then it is equal to wearing a skirt. And skirts are usually meant for women. So judge yourself how would you look like wearing a kilt without a sporran! Sporran is the main item that differentiates between kilts vs skirts.

Are Sporrans Usually Available For Kids?

Yes why not! If kids love to be Spiderman or Batman wearing the kits then won’t you think they would love wearing kilts with sporrans and look like warriors? Sporrans with kilts specially made for kids including infants and toddlers are usually available to wear. They will be mini in size and designed according to kids. So if you want to give a special getup to your Baby sporran or infant sporran on an occasion then you must go for an infant sporran or a toddler sporran.

How to Select a Sporran That Suits Me?

For selection of the best sporran for you, check our Kilt Sporran collection. Our leather sporrans are crafted using high quality materials which usually come with a complimentary chain strap. Choose your Kilt Sporran from our collection based on the event you need to attend and be sure that you have one according to each occasion you attend.