Tartan is a patterned cloth with interlocking strips woven in both horizontal and vertical directions. It is a woven cloth in which the colors and threads are arranged in both warp and weft until a square-like layout occurs. The patterns that appear as a result of this procedure are referred to as 'setts.' Tartan is an industry in the modern world, which means it is not limited to a single product, but rather a wide range of Tartan items and accessories.

Explore our gorgeous range of Tartan Accessories to proudly display your Scottish culture. We offer a variety of tartan-made items to pick from for gifts or to give a touch of sophistication to any event. Discover our assortment of men's tartan apparel that may be tailored to your specifications.

Tartan Kilts

Think about Scotland and its five most iconic items, and you'll almost certainly hear about the kilt or tartan. Tartan Kilts are the most historically significant clothing item available today. In simple words, it is a tailored garment that is wrapped around the body from the waist to the center of the knees. It will undoubtedly bring out the real Scotsman in you. Tartan kilts may be worn for a range of situations, ranging from traditional wedding dress kilts to highlands game kilts.

Tartan Waistcoats 

Scotland and Ireland are culturally very rich. Tartan waistcoats are the most fashionable clothing item, making a comeback not only among the younger generation but also among sophisticated gentlemen. For weddings or other semi-formal events, the Tartan Waistcoat is your best friend. Tailoring and materials may make your uniqueness stand out. That is where we come in with a perfectly designed outfit that will conceal certain physical flaws you are self-conscious about while also making you feel at ease in any scenario.

Tartan Jackets & Coats

Tartan coats, for example, will bring out the genuine gentleman in you with a traditional touch. It is appropriate for both casual and formal occasions. Those tartan coats are gorgeous, but the rest of the clothing is basic and straightforward. Depending on the item you match it with, you may wear them in a formal, semi-formal, or informal situation.

You may wear it with a plain shirt and jeans for a more casual style, or with a tie for a more formal look. These coats will undoubtedly bring out your inner Scotsman. Tartan Jackets for Men are a classic complement to any outfit. These are composed of synthetic wool and have a black cotton fabric lining with excellent tailoring.

Tartan Trews

Trousers and trews are an essential aspect of a man's clothing. So why not make one out of tartan fabric? The most genuine Tartan Trews are timeless and comfortable additions. These are excellent choices for any event, whether it is a wedding or a formal affair. These tartan trews are often worn with a prince charlie jacket, which is also available in our shop. They are the most form-fitting and comfortable clothing, and they are the ideal complement for any Scottish man.

Tartan Accessories for Men

Many kilt wearers and traditional Scottish dressers use traditional accessories. We provide the greatest and most genuine tartan accessories to complement your kilt and complete the kilted appearance. You may choose from a variety of men's tartan accessories. Let's take a closer look at them.

Tartan Sporrans

Tartan Sporrans are the most crucial item while wearing a kilt. With a pocketless kilt, they are the most useful addition for carrying any essential belongings. We provide a wide range of sporran choices. We offer Scottish tartan sporran, which is also known as Royal tartan.

Tartan Hats and Caps

Tartan hats and caps are another way to complete your kilted look. These are sometimes referred to as Scottish bonnets or Balmorals. These are traditional Scottish hats that may be worn in both formal and casual contexts. Every Scotsman loves a good headcover. We have you covered for whatever tartan you choose to keep the heritage alive. These will undoubtedly set you apart from others and make you stand out in a crowd. Wear our traditional range of hats and caps to complete your kilt appearance.


Tartan Cufflinks

If you're a fashionista, Tartan Cufflinks are your best buddy. Show your passion for the heritage from head to toe and receive the desired tartan cufflinks. These provide the simple function of keeping the cuffs together. If you're wearing french cuffs, fasten your sleeves with our tartan patterned cufflinks. Tartan cufflinks provide a touch of sophistication to any highland dress. The combination of chrome and high-quality tartan will undoubtedly complement your kilt evening dress.

Tartan Neck Ties

A tartan necktie is a flexible Scottish item that can be worn with any of your outfits to provide a stylish touch. They are really useful for any formal or even casual appearance. You may acquire them in your favourite tartan for everyday use at the workplace, weddings, funerals, christenings, bonfire night dinners, Scottish country dance, and music events.

Show off your clan pride by wearing it with any shirt, especially a simple shirt for a contemporary and fashionable appearance. Our tartan ties will make an impact since they are meticulously handcrafted from the finest wool. If you are a smart guy, get your finest handmade tartan neckties.

Tartan Bow Ties

A bow tie is a short neckwear made of a thin cloth tied in a knot. Tartan Bow Ties have become increasingly popular and are great for wing collars. By selecting a bright tartan color, our colorful tartan bow ties may create an impression with dark or simple suits. Furthermore, you may complete the typical Scottish style by wearing a tartan bow tie with a tartan blazer. Make your plain suit stand out by using a tartan-patterned bow tie. They are basically designed to close the collars, but they may be incorporated to your Highland wear apparel for the right finishing touch. We have bow ties in several clan tartans for you to give a Scottish flair to your daily wardrobe.

Tartan Fly Plaids

The tartan fly plaid, which is commonly worn over the left shoulder, is an additional add-on. Tartan Fly Plaid is an integral component of traditional highland attire. They are worn with a kilt to complete the kilted appearance for your wedding events. You may also pair the fly plaid with a Price Charlie Jacket or an Argyll Jacket. A real Scotsman is never without his tartan fly plaid. For the ideal complement, they are available in a variety of clan and contemporary tartans.