What Is Tartan Day and How to Celebrate?


What Is Tartan Day and How to Celebrate? - Imperial Highland Supplies

Tartan Day is a day of celebration that is observed annually on April 6th. This day is dedicated to honoring and celebrating Scottish heritage and culture. The holiday originated in Canada in the late 1980s, but it has since spread to other parts of the world, including the United States and Scotland. The origins of Tartan Day can be traced back to the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320, which was an important moment in Scottish history. The declaration was signed by a group of Scottish nobles and affirmed Scotland's independence from England. The document included the phrase...

Scottish sporran - what type of sporrans to wears?


Scottish sporrans are traditional accessories worn with kilts. They are typically made of leather or fur and are worn around the waist to serve as a pouch for carrying personal items. There are several types of sporrans, including: Day sporrans: These are the most common type of sporran, worn for everyday occasions. They are typically made of leather and have a simple design. Dress sporrans: These are worn for more formal occasions, such as weddings or other special events. They are typically more ornate and may be made of fur or leather with intricate designs. Semi-Dress sporrans: These are worn...

How to measure kilt?


Measuring for a kilt is an important step in making sure that the kilt fits properly and is comfortable to wear. Here are the basic steps to measure for a kilt: Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of your waist, typically just above the navel. This measurement is the most important one for determining the correct size of your kilt. Hips: Measure around the widest part of your hips, typically around the level of your hipbones. This measurement is important for making sure that the kilt will fit comfortably around your hips. Kilt Length: Measure from your waist (at the...



MUST HAVE KILT ACCESSORIES - Imperial Highland Supplies

MINIATURE THISTLE DESIGN AND YELLOW STONE BROOCH - CHROME FINISHThe ideal accent to your yellow tartan kilt outfit. This yellow stone brooch is the best completion for a kilt outfit. The lovable and fashionable layout is appropriate for informal and formal wear. 100% COTTON KILT FLASHES – RED Shantung impact kilt flashes are crafted from 100% cotton in a vivid red. These flashes come whole with elasticized garters to make a certain placement, with hook fastening. Flashes degree about five inches in duration and supplement the bulk of famous tartans.CELTIC DRAGONS SCALLOPED BELT BUCKLE-CHROME FINISHThis Celtic dragon's scalloped buckle is designed with a...

A Guide to Choosing the Best Sporrans for Events


Before you choose a sporran for your kilt, you should first understand "What is a Sporran?" and why it was developed with a kilt. In any case, you must have a fundamental understanding of what you want to wear and why you are bringing it. You'll carry it better and more confidently if you understand the purpose of what you're carrying. Knowing a sporran and wearing it appropriately for the occasion is the key to picking the ideal sporran for you. So, let us have a 5-minute informative and educational look at sporrans. Sporran Types Before choosing your favorite Sporran,...

Types of Tartan Clothing and Accessories for Men


Tartan is a patterned cloth with interlocking strips woven in both horizontal and vertical directions. It is a woven cloth in which the colors and threads are arranged in both warp and weft until a square-like layout occurs. The patterns that appear as a result of this procedure are referred to as 'setts.' Tartan is an industry in the modern world, which means it is not limited to a single product, but rather a wide range of Tartan items and accessories. Explore our gorgeous range of Tartan Accessories to proudly display your Scottish culture. We offer a variety of tartan-made...

Tips to Take Care of Your Kilts


Since your kilt is an investment, you want to maintain it looking awesome for as long as possible. Your kilt may last a lifetime if properly cared for (or even two). How should you look after your kilt? Imperial Highland Supplies has the capacity to keep hundreds of kilts at once, so it's fair to say we're specialists in the field. Here are our top recommendations. How to Store Your Kilt? Always air your kilt well before storing it. It is better to do this outside on a sunny day. If that isn't a possibility, hang your kilt in the...

Types of Sporrans and Which One is Best for Me?


Sporrans have historically been used for storage (they were first used by Highlanders to store oats), but they are much more than that. A fashionable sporran may be the feature of your wardrobe and is a simple way to spruce up any kilt, whether you're dressed up, casually formal, or completely relaxed. The sporran you choose is usually based on a number of factors, such as your outfit, the event, and your own preferences. You should have a variety of sporrans on hand for every occasion. Our simple guide will help you locate your sporran and wear it correctly. Full...

How to Wear a Kilt that Stands Out?


How to Wear a Kilt that Stands Out? - Imperial Highland Supplies

Are you new to wearing kilts? It might be difficult to figure out how to wear clothing that is rich in history and tradition. Even if you've worn a kilt since you were a boy, knowing how to wear all the kilt items might be difficult. The Imperial Highland Supplies team loves and breathes kilts. We're all about assisting you in designing and styling the kilt outfit of your dreams. This is why we've prepared this simple guide to help you wear your kilt in style no matter what the event. Kilt Let's begin with the fundamentals, shall we? Your...