Dirks & Sgain Dubh
While the Claymore was usually carried in the warrior's hand, and the Dirk was worn on the belt, the Sgian Dubh is small enough to fit in a sock or pocket!

Dirks & Sgain Dubh

Imitation Military Pattern Mk III with antique finish thistle design. Highland Regimental Dirk.Total length: 46 cmBlade length: 30 cmThe dirk is supplied with a dirk frog attached.Leather loop to hang with your waist beltThese dirks are designed to have an ancient appearance. they may seem used, but this is not...
Sgain Dubh with different color stonePlastic handle and sheathEmbossed chrome plated mounts
Sgain Dubh Knife Wood handle and leather scabbardsPlain chrome blade & mounts Studs on to the hand engraved handle