Officer's And Parade Sticks
A swagger stick is a short stick or riding crop usually carried by a uniformed person as a symbol of authority. A swagger stick is shorter than a staff or cane, and is usually made from rattan. Its use derives from the vine staff carried by Roman centurions as an emblem of office. A pace stick is a long stick usually carried by warrant officer and non-commissioned officer drill instructors in the British and Commonwealth armed forces as a symbol of authority and as an aid to military drill.

Officer's And Parade Sticks

Officer's stick straight top and bottom knob chrome plated. Length: 24" Long. Please choose your required painted color.
Parade Stick. 36″ length.Malacca Cane.Wrapped In Try Color Cord With Two Tassels.Chrome Plated Knobs On Both Sides.
Officer's Stick Ball Top Leather CoveredLength: 24″ Long.Please choose your required leather color.